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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Panama’s version of Mother’s Day is on 8 December. The date was chosen so as to coincide with the Catholic holiday of Immaculate Conception and has been a public holiday in Panama since 1930.

20248 DecSunMother's Day
9 DecMonMother's Day Holiday
20258 DecMonMother's Day
20268 DecTueMother's Day
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Some say that the Rotary Club petitioned the government to establish Mother’s Day on 11 May, and that politicians decided on 8 December instead. Others say that the wife of Panamanian president Florencio Arosemena suggested both the idea and the date. And yet another story says that Roman Catholics in Panama wanted to make Immaculate Conception Day a national holiday but couldn’t because of forces supporting “separation of church and state”. Making the identical date “Mother’s Day” was a way around that dilemma.

But whichever was the real source of today’s Mothers Day holiday in Panama, it is now a well established tradition. Many will give their mothers flowers, presents, and expressions of love and thankfulness on this day, and some will also observe the religious holiday of Immaculate Conception and may make a “connection” between these two holidays sharing the same calendar date.

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20238 DecFriMother's Day
20228 DecThuMother's Day