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Uprising of Los Santos

Uprising of Los Santos 2019 and 2020

Uprising of Los Santos Day on 10 November looks back to the day in 1821 when the people of that Panamanian village rose up against their Spanish overlords and seized the Spanish barracks.

201910 NovSunUprising of Los Santos
11 NovMonUprising of Los Santos Holiday
202010 NovTueUprising of Los Santos

There is a story that a young woman named Rufina Alfaro led a crowd shouting “Long Live Liberty!” to the barracks, which they took without any blood being shed. There is some question about whether the story be a legend or a fact, but there is no doubt that the uprising in Los Santos did take place.

The area in and around Los Santos soon declared their independence from Spain. This uprising was seen as irregular and impossible in its own right, but it did inspire later efforts at independence in Panama City that would ultimately succeed.

On Uprising of Los Santos, there are parades, traditional music and dancing, and various cultural and patriotic events held throughout Panama.